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 The Rules

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Heartless Nobody

Heartless Nobody

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PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules Post11October 27th 2011, 2:49 pm

1.No spamming. Any and all spam please go to the spam section if you feel the need for that stuff and please any and all random and or other stuff in the spam section please and thank you. cursing up a storm you look stupid like that,no racial slurs of any kind what so ever will be tolerated you will be warned once then banned or your account will be given away.that includes anything about religion what you believe in none of that here ok i understand freedom of speech but some people get offended so please don't share your personal life thank you.(admins and mods alike) as well as no bad mouthing any members or team members (get a warning for bad mouthing members but a team member gets you banned for a day or your account will be taken for that day depending on how we feel about you and your account.

3.No raping someone's character in RP please, we don't need that nor mentioning of the word thank you(no this does not count) disrespect, treat everyone with respect and equally. can only post in topics you are in or involved or started and if you want to join one ask threw pm cause you never know if someone has a story going on and you could just walk in and mess it up. for more details refer to this. Rp Info

6.No sexual photo's,videos of the such thank you

7.try to stay in as few Role plays as possible for you will one day encounter to the point where you are in a fight and you die but your also in a role play where your living life as normal and that is technically god modding.(no god modding ok you cannot kill an enemy in less then 5 post there must be more then that and no big moves like a whole paragraph saying how you killed him no give your opponent  time to attack at least or guard or come to an agreement of the situation with your opponent or refer to these links
multiple location rules
battle rules

8.have fun stay as active as you can read all the info in the info section or at least the important stuff please thank you. not double post unless divided by 24 hours,do not make more then 3 post 1 one row like so (one day u post hi,no one answers the next day u post hi again, no one answers u post hi the next day and your in trouble ok if no one answers the first or second try just wait a bit more longer some one will be bound to answer you

10.also don't try to smart @$$ your way around the rules that is an official ban and take of your account so don't be the one

11.make sure to write proper sentences to where everyone can understand what you wrote/ are saying. like for example
such and such said "i am gonna into the park see you at there man lates" improper please make sure to make your sentences proper and  spelling errors are allowed but only to a point. If you  have a problem with a word try another word, don't know what word to put? don't put it anyway. Try another word.
If you are just trying to sound smart using big words but you misspell them, your basically saying your not very good at spelling ( Laughing aren't we all?) so please try your best, Were not looking for perfection but it rocks so thanks for trying.

12.your email must be accurate and real. Anyone who registers with a fake email and requires activation will be deleted. No fake emails are allowed and we will know if your email is fake or not due to our methods for checking emails. We DO NOT activate accounts so please do not ask for this. Your account must be activated via email. No exceptions.

13 THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE XD Have fun! This is the most important rule. This is rpg, while fun, nothing on this site is worth getting angry over, or arguing about. Debating can be fun, but if it evolves to an argument, take it off site. We don’t like reading meaningless bickering thank you and have a nice day.

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PostSubject: Re: The Rules   The Rules Post11February 29th 2016, 2:15 pm


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The Rules
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